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Hanover House is on a mission to provide you with products that reflect your values of family tradition and Jamaican legacy with our rich Rum Cream Liqueur, gently processed Canned Ackee and our soon-to-come Breadfruit Slices.


Right now, our Ackee is available at Loshusan in Barbican, Lee's Food Fair in Red Hills, and General Foods in Liguanea and Ocho Rios.

We are excited about the rebranding of our Rum Cream Liqueur to be on shelves in 2022, as well as our delicious Breadfruit Slices!

HH Ackee Label - Front.jpeg
Enjoy The Moments
Rum Cream-5844.jpg

Elevate your moments with Hanover House Rum Cream Liqueur. Make our over 50 year family tradition your choice for a special day or evening - with just you!

Celebrate The Memories
Rum Cream-5778.jpg

Make Hanover House Rum Cream Liqueur a part of every celebration. Create memories with special friends with a premium liqueur made for any occasion!


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